Yzada’s World: I Want A Maid Too!


Yzada’s World is about Yzada, a six-year-old girl. Her questions usually go back and forth between her parents and her teacher. She learns about the world from answers to her questions. Yzada’s dad waits on her pregnant mom. She believes he is her maid and wants him to be her maid too. She has a plan to make him wait on her. In the process, she learns about pregnancy.

Yzada’s World: Mama’s Milk!


Mama’s Milk is book two in the Yzada’s World series. It is an educational storybook for kids. It is about a kid’s understanding of a function of the human body as it pertains to milk production in adult females. It captures a six-year-old child’s new experience with alternate milk sources. Yzada is scared her mom may have turned into a cow. She processes a child’s emotions as she learns something new about milk origins. 

Lost Heritage: Royals in Slave Clothes


Age-old African customs, ancient traditions, the slave trade, and unusual circumstances have forced Oba Ookpala, the King of 19th century West African Benoni-Obadom, to live life without his faith in God, his beloved Queen Iredia, and their children. It is the era of the slave trade in Africa. We have a missing prince and a lost pregnant queen. A Portuguese pirate is on the prowl. The royal lineage is in jeopardy. Will the lost Queen and the missing heir be found? Find out in Lost Heritage: Royals in Slave clothes.