Lost Heritage: Royals in Slave Clothes

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Age-old African customs, ancient traditions, the slave trade, and unusual circumstances have forced Oba Ookpala, the King of 19th century West African Benoni-Obadom, to live life without his faith in God, his beloved Queen Iredia, and their children. It is the era of the slave trade in Africa. We have a missing prince and a lost pregnant queen. A Portuguese pirate is on the prowl. The royal lineage is in jeopardy. Will the lost Queen and the missing heir be found? Find out in Lost Heritage: Royals in Slave clothes.

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19th Century WEST AFRICA Oba Ookpala. Queen Iredia August 4th. 2023 1st 268pages/31 Chapters August 4th 2023 ALT HISTORY- FICTION 6*9*0.7 Inches Banana Leaf Press LLC English lost_heritage

What do you do, when the word of a king is devoid of power? When the throne has been ceded to the enemy and your back is against the wall? When the crown seduces a King to lose his faith, family, and freedom? To whom do you turn? Deep in the Kingdom of Benoni. In 19th-century Africa, a power shift has taken place. Oba Ookpala was at the helm of ruling the land. Taken off guard, his reign had been snatched. His crown switched to chains of bondage. Ancient traditions, the slave trade, and uncommon conditions held him, hostage. The Oba, his queen, and his successors became prisoners. His reign became more chaotic, as he struggles for their freedom. Oba Ookpala strategizes to recover all his losses. His faith, freedom, family, throne, and his amnesiac Queen, as he looks up…we discover his strategy and the outcome. In the enthralling fictitious pages of Lost Heritage: The Royals In Slave Clothes.


1 review for Lost Heritage: Royals in Slave Clothes

  1. Aninoritse

    I was blown away with the breathtaking yet profound flow of events in this astounding work of art.
    It felt like an intense blockbuster from start to finish. Such a tremendous, impactful effort, and I’m so blessed to have read it. It’s definitely a 5-star read for me!



      You were one of the first people to read this book. Thank you very much for your time and your excellent feedback!

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