Lost Heritage: Royals in Slave Clothes

Age-old African customs, ancient traditions, the slave trade, and unusual circumstances have forced Oba Ookpala, the king of 19th century West African Benoni-Obadom, to live life without his faith in God, his beloved Queen Iredia, and their children.

There are queens being sacrificed alive. Bad omens with twins being killed at birth. Different types of slavery as royals become slaves. Hunters became the hunted. There is a missing pregnant Queen. She possibly carries the heir to the throne of Benoni Obadom.

With the intervention of the Christian God, will the lost Queen and the heir of Benoni be found? Will the love of the royal couple triumph over the trials of slavery? Will their family reunite? Will the slave trade give back what it has snatched from this royal African family? These are questions, answered within the pages of “Lost Heritage: Royals in Slave Clothes.”

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