Whatever it is that comes against your well-being.

It’s a form of darkness.

Activated power dispels darkness.

Is there darkness dwelling in any part of your life?

Turn on the light. It will disappear


If you are sick, turn on the light.

If you are broke, turn on the light!

Where there is light, darkness cannot stand.

Don’t, put a lid on your fire!!

Feed your fire for God!!!!

Your response to darkness is to turn on the light!

Be the real light. Not a fraud. 

The word of God is the light.


Increase the word of God, in your life.

And the light will increase in your life

Increase the intensity of your light.

Make the heat emanating from your light intense.

Make it so high, that sickness is licked up.

If your light intensity is high enough.


The heat from your light will heal.

It will heal people that come around you.

The light from Jesus was so intense.

Demons couldn’t stay at peace.

Let the word be activated within you.

Activated light, equals Activated power.


If there is darkness in your life.

Jesus is the way! Turn on the light!

If the darkness persists, surge up the light

Jesus is the light. Turn on the light

The darker the night, the brighter the light

Jesus is the truth. Turn on the light

Jesus is the life. Turn on the light.

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